Advisory Board

Vishy Karri

Vishy Karri

Founder and CEO

Vishy Karri has held various academic and leadership positions at the University of Melbourne, the University of Tasmania and in the Middle East. Over the past 23 years, Vishy has worked in the field of multi-disciplinary production as well as renewable energy and sustainability. His research work encompasses alternative energy sources and applications in mobile and stationary use. His work on applied artificial intelligence, as virtual sensors, has been well cited and used. He has published over 200 peer reviewed papers and has been granted patents which are currently being used by industry. Vishy has also been awarded more than $21 million in research grants. Along with the prestigious Australian Award for University teaching in 2000, Vishy has received a number of awards for research excellence. He is the recipient of the Australia’s most innovative engineer by Engineers Australia in 2017.

His concurrent appointments include adjunct professor at Cape Breton University, Senior Fellow of the Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment in Canada and University Professorial fellow at Charles Darwin University, Australia. His industry knowledge and expertise in sensors, mechatronics and the Internet of Things has prompted him to start Expert 365, as an R&D company, in Australia. Based in Brisbane, he along with his team liaise with local and international industries to address various applications of Iot technologies.

Robert White

Mr Robert White

Audit and Finance

Mr White has 30 years experience in the field of Australian corporate law, taxation and finance.

He is a registered company auditor, member of Institute of public accountants of Australia.

Robert is the key member to oversee finance, international relations, import and export compliance and audits including ATO requirements.

Craig Wilking

Mr Craig Wilkins

Chief Technical Officer

Craig wilkins is a software engineer, mechatronics engineer and microelectronics champion. His professional and academic journey covers three continents and is a keen enthusiast for making difference via IoT to the socio economic benefit of the society.

His 30 years experience to manage large teams and attention to technical detail has resulted in timely delivery of innovative products for Expert365.

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