Tank365: Online drinking water quality monitoring

Automatic disinfection using auto chlorination and UV technologies along with IoT based on-line water quality monitoring

On-line disinfection and water quality monitoring

Automatic disinfection using UV and chlorination along with IoT based water quality parameters monitoring for OHWS

Tank365 provides a comprehensive solution for disinfection of water storages using auto-chlorination and patented UV dosages.

The patented solution extends to measurement of on-line health, physical and chemical parameters including on-line estimations of bacteria, e-Coli and fecal coliforms using IoT.

The compliance for potability, for each of the parameters, is checked on-line every hour against WHO standards. A powerful web-based interface provides overview of entire installations (at district, state or national level) including App driven analytics for potability compliance for each site.

This solution provides 13 water quality parameters, using IoT using patented technologies, including water disinfection with controlled UV dosages and automatic chlorination using liquid chlorine storages. There are additional six ‘system performance indicators’ that are also shown highlighting the safety and functional features of the installation making total IoT parameters to 19.

All parameters of water quality on-line provided are given below. A video further down gives a comprehensive view of the whole solution.

On-line Physical and Chemical:

Dissolved Oxygen, Electrical conductivity, Oxidation Reduction Potential, Total Dissolved Solids, Total Suspended Solids, Temperature, Turbidity, Ph

On-line Health and Aesthetic:

E-Coli, Fecal Coliforms, Flouride, Residual Chlorine, Total Bacteria (good and bad), Chlorine storage levels, water storage levels.

On-line System performance indicators:

Battery voltage, Panel tamper, CL dosage, Mains, All UV function, UV disinfection

Tank365: Our solution approach

App driven analytics highlight live performance of each parameter.

A typical installation in rural village.

Unmanned operation of water storages:

Web based analytics and centralised control room.

Video highlighting Tank365 solution

Children drinking water from tap after disinfection

Finally: Patents protecting our existence: Check ‘Patents’ page for more details

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