Carbon365: AI-ML driven disinfection, water monitoring and real time carbon avoidance.

This tech-driven project aims to provide safe drinking water to the tribal and rural districts in around the world through automated chlorination and UV disinfection. A dynamic online monitoring system using IoT and patented AI-ML cloud-based technologies ensure transparency and efficiency. One stop solution for online disinfection while monitoring water quality, quantity and real time carbon avoided online. Opportunity to secure long-term supply of UNFCC or VERRA verified carbon credits through provision of clean drinking water:Technology Overview


There’s a stark disparity in access to safe drinking water in the world between urban and rural areas. Infrastructure issues and contamination force many rural families to resort to boiling their water with firewood or gas, contributing to environmental degradation.


The installation of automated chlorination units and UV disinfection systems in these villages reduces the need for boiling water, thus decreasing demand for wood fuel and non-renewable biomass.
The project uses cutting-edge IoT and AI-ML technologies to dynamically monitor the water quality, providing real-time data water quality, quantity and carbon avoided online for stakeholders.

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This project has secured all rights form local villages to implement and generate credits. Expert365 is ready to launch in 500+ villages and is in negotiation to launch in 2024 with additional 500+ villages in 2025. All Governmental approvals, Project Design Document based on Gold Standard SDG-GS-13 methodology are ready for submission.


As a clean water project for rural areas, the activity has a direct impact on health and poverty. It also reduces gender inequalities by reducing time spent related to firewood collection and water purification and helps to safeguard remaining woodland habitats. The project will also employ locals to manage systems, bolstering local employment with 65% reduction in visits to primary health centers and near zero water borne diseases in all schools.

There are 9 SDGs covered in this project which is one of the largest number of SDGs covered for any water project.


SDG Goal – 01

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Mostly woman and single mothers employed, as maintenance staff.

SDG Goal – 15

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Reduced deforestation and emissions for better planet

SDG Goal – 13

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Reduced burning of fossil fuels and biomass protecting climate change.

SDG Goal – 12

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Reduction of material footprint via reduced fossil fuel use.

SDG Goal – 11

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Sustainable cities with reduced pollution, improved health.

SDG Goal – 09

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Developing quality reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure to
support economic development and human wellbeing.

SDG Goal – 08

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Over 100 families benefit with full time employment per every 100 villages.

SDG Goal – 06

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Near Zero pathogen free potable water post disinfection.

SDG Goal – 03

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65% reduction in visits to primary health centers


This project is led by the award-winning team at Expert365, headed by Dr Vishy Karri. A respected academic with over 25 years experience in mechatronics, IoT, AI, and water. He received accolades such as “Australia’s Most Innovative Engineer for 2017 by Engineers Australia. Expert365 was ranked among the top 25 most innovative companies in 2017 by the CIO magazine for the APAC region. They are recipients of several awards for engineering excellence in Australia. The Indian proponents will be Kosher Climate Pvt Ltd., Bangalore; Installers, Maintenance by RealTech Systems, Perundurai, Tamil Nadu; Methodology and PDD advisors are University of Technology, Sydney, Government Liaison and business development is by KPMG India:


Carbon 365 patented technology uses IoT driven sensory data, weather data to estimate pathogen likelihood in water. It then activates auto disinfection using UV dosage and chlorination. Please clicks links below for videos.




Implementations in 20 government-funded villages have reduced primary health center visits by 65%, reducing waterborne diseases, and providing potable water without heating or filtration. Laboratory testing is minimal, with only ad-hoc verification for ad-hoc verification, saving resources and chemicals.



AI-ML-driven technology offers a cloud-based view of water quality at each installation, enabling proactive pathogen detection. This patented technology detects e-Coli, Coliforms, and Faecal Coliforms in water. The app-driven analytical platform offers real-time online water quality, quantity, and carbon avoidance at all sites. The central control point, or “Water Room,” allows for monitoring and access to all water parameters.

Water Room:


The Ministry of Water in India, Jal Jivan Mission, has approved technology along with international companies like Grundfos and Xylem. This is endorsed by a committee led by the Principal Scientific Officer of India. These technologies are part of the Jal Jivan mission.

Product Approval

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