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Expert 365 is all about incessant innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, creating powerful tools and solutions based on design and technology philosophies in IoT, to address the most pressing needs and problems of the Agricultural, Environmental Monitoring and other industries.

Our turnkey IoT solutions are readily operable and come complete with the smart hardware, user applications and experiences to consume, analyse and transform sensory data into critical insights for optimising inputs, improve operational efficiency, drive innovations in new business models and facilitate growth from reductions in bottom-line costs.

QWI365 is Smart & Precision AgTech like no other.
It is a dynamic, remote monitoring system that is plant-centric,
considers the growth medium and weather conditions.
It provides growers with daily irrigation recommendations to
optimize water efficiency, plant health and increase yield.

How our turnkey IoT solutions drive growth for your business.


Real-time, remote and
autonomous insights into
your business operations.


Parameters affecting your
business and determine ways
to improve operations.


Time-to-market with fast
configuration, deployment
and operation.


Operational efficiency,
reduce bottom-line costs and
improve profits.

How IoT can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs,
increase profits and maintain growth for your business.

Vehicle Telemetry

Remote Monitoring & Control

Asset Tracking

Smart Inventory

Smart Metering

Predictive Maintenance

Why Expert 365 is your first choice.

Launch into a new era.

Expert 365 provides you with IoT solutions that are essential for transforming your business into true digital businesses of tomorrow; equipped with the technology that can create, collect, manage and present data into critical insights, enabling the business to make realtime, timely, and informed decisions.

Built on only the best.

To make any transformation into a digital business a reality, Expert 365 solutions are based on technology offerings that are industry leaders in their domain, have proven track records in creating real value for businesses, generating huge return on investment, and is scalable for any future, changing business needs.

Let’s produce outcomes.

We know every business is different. Our solutions are tailored to your unique business needs and vision. We equip you with technology that will provides competitive advantage, and enables continued growth by meeting strategic goals; like increasing revenue, creating new business models or improve customer satisfaction.

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