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The Internet of Things (IoT) is still a maturing trend that’s only just starting, where the fundamental driver behind it is connectivity. The success of IoT pivots on the necessity for open collaboration, sharing of knowledge, skills and services between different service providers, solution providers, systems integrators and industry thinkers. The Expert 365 Partner Program brings value to the IoT revolution by facilitating connectivity and reach between IoT providers, enablers, businesses and industries to the innovative IoT services and solution offerings currently available, where they can work together to create models for mutual growth, co-promotion and revenue-sharing.

Partner Programs

Technology Partnerships

Technology partnerships deliver the technologies that are the essential building blocks of what enables us to build, deliver and maintain innovative, market-leading IoT solutions. Each technology partnership brings technical breakthroughs and benefits that coalesces into an IoT solution that drives flexibility, reliability, security, performance and scalability.

Channel Partnerships

Channel partnerships are the vessels for presence, growth and expansion of both parties involved in the partnership. We provide our partners with everything from sales, co-promotion marketing, technical support and lucrative incentives to penetrate into new markets, where industries can then leverage the benefits of our innovative IoT solutions.

Research Partnerships

Our research partnerships are collaborative interactions between participating partners which facilitates enriched learning and knowledge transfer for research and innovation into rapidly changing needs of industry, translating the research of today into the new markets, goods and services of tomorrow.

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