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Expert365 started in November 2015 with a vision to address Internet of Things (IOT) solutions for horticulture farms with focus on optimising irrigation water. With advances in modern IOT, horticulture continues to invest more faith in emerging technologies rather than relying on “experiential farming”.

Our products are currently assisting farmers to make corrections to their ad-hoc practices via provision of precise estimation of irrigation water for healthy horticulture crop. These solutions are built via sensors in soils, to monitor real-time soil moisture, electrical conductivity and temperature relayed to Microsoft Azure cloud based algorithms to provide irrigation recipes.As an R&D company, our IOT technology developed “world-first” on-line water quality measuring up to 60 water quality parameters including several metals, bacteria and coliforms. The accuracy of our modes closely matches the precision of NATA certified laboratory results.

Our company’s slogan is “incessant innovation” and we strive to deliver IOT technology to both save water and monitor water quality.

Our patented technologies address two important decision support systems for agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture farmers.

1.      For Agriculture farmers and production of compost: “What is the precise amount of water required, per square meter patch of the horticulture farm, for various crops, soil type and age of the plant for healthy yield?” Having identified the precise amount of irrigation water for the patch, ensure that precision is delivered to the farm via advanced and affordable control systems. This patented solution is built via sensors in soils, to monitor real-time soil moisture, electrical conductivity and temperature relayed to Microsoft Azure cloud based algorithms to provide irrigation recipes. These algorithms use sensory inputs from the soils, weather data including life cycle of each type of plant. This app driven technology assists farmers with daily precise irrigation quantities, moisture contents and precise timings to run their motors to address farm irrigation needs. Our patented technology for on-line estimation of compost nutrients can be seen in rapid composting in 24 hrs along with quality compost produced for soil specific and crop specific applications.

2.      For Aquaculture farmers and drinking water quality monitoring: “What are the on-line water quality parameters influencing fish health and wellbeing encompassing physical, chemical, health, aesthetic and metal traces in water”.? An on-line monitoring of the aquaculture waters, capable of measuring up to 60 parameters, will help to address timely attention and prevention without a need for remedy or loss. Our AQUA365 is a patented technology built with sensor collaboration from Horiba Technologies in Japan and our own OEM ion-selective probes to detect water parameters. Using artificial intelligence, deep learning techniques and structured causal modelling, the information in cloud accurately estimates bacteria, chemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand and chlorophyll content that is detrimental to fish health and assists the farmer via app driven decision support systems.

Determined to lead the way in IoT.


Our vision is to be recognized as the innovation leaders in providing Internet of Things solutions for farmers and businesses that monitor water quality in the APAC region by the year 2020. We will strive to put Australia on the forefront of IoT technologies for agriculture and water quality in the world.


The drive for our vision is simple – conserve water and soil. Guide and transform the farms and water quality monitoring methods of today into the digital businesses of tomorrow; equipped with world-class technology, innovation and efficiency. In doing so, we enable businesses to serve themselves and their customers in ways that benefits us all, and at affordable cost.

We measure our success by the success we bring to you.

Experience for yourself why so many businesses value our services and solutions, placing confidence in us to make their IoT strategy and vision become a reality.

About us

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