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Expert365 started in November, 2017, though registered in November 2015, with a vision to address Internet of Things (IOT) solutions for water. The solutions encompass on-line water quality monitoring for municipal drinking water, lakes, bores and underground aquifers and more recently for freshwater aquaculture and swimming pool applications.

As an R&D company, our IOT technology developed “world-first” on-line water quality measuring up to nearly 30 water quality parameters including several metals, bacteria and coliform. The accuracy of our modes closely matches the precision of NATA certified laboratory results. Over the last 4 years we have systematically invested into building credible data encompassing large physical/chemical parameters for various demographies and weather conditions. The digitisation of water via AI/ML are result of over 3 millions data points gathered over 16 seasons in 3 continents protected by 3 patents. used as virtual sensors to estimate online various hard to measure water quality parameters.

Our patented technologies address three important decision support systems for  drinking water. Firstly, Tank365 is a patented technology built with OEM sensors from Hanna instruments facilitates initial sensory inputs while our OEM-UV tubes for secondary disinfection in drinking water for eventual potability. Using both physical sensors and AI engines the information in cloud accurately estimates physical and chemical parameters, health and aesthetic parameters for water potability constantly checking with WHO drinking water standards. Tank365 measures up to 17 parameters on-line as required for drinking water testing. Secondly, Water365 is a product which is more comprehensive and covers up to 30 parameters as required by the ISO10500 standards.

Our company’s slogan is “incessant innovation” and we strive to deliver AI-ML driven IOT technology to both save water and monitor water quality while addressing “towards 100% awareness” mission of water bodies online. Finally, Carbon365 solution allows avoidance of boiling water and hence saving biomass and other fossil fuels. This carbon avoidance in CO2/t can be observed live and real time for all villages providing key data. This data is stored in cloud for subsequent audit and verification purposes.

Determined to lead the way in IoT.



Our vision is to be recognized as the innovation leaders in providing Internet of Things solutions for water utilities companies and municipalities that monitor water quality in the APAC region by the year 2023. We will strive to put Australia on the forefront of IoT technologies for water quality in the world.



The drive for our vision is simple – Water is basic human right and everyone has right to know the details of water we consume. Guide and transform the  water quality monitoring methods of today into the digital businesses of tomorrow; equipped with world-class technology, innovation and efficiency. In doing so, we enable water utilities companies and municipalities to serve themselves and their customers in ways that benefits us all, and at affordable cost.

We measure our success by the success we bring to you.

Experience for yourself why so many businesses value our services and solutions, placing confidence in us to make their IoT strategy and vision become a reality.

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