QWI365: Assisting farmers with daily precise irrigation

The most insightful and precise
agricultural system ever designed.

QWI365 (Quantitative Water Irrigation) is the perfect tool for optimizing irrigation input for improving efficiency, crop yield, health and quality.

It provides farmers with facts about the current conditions of their agricultural production, alerting and providing decision support whenever the conditions are not ideal for optimal plant health and growth.

It drives a paradigm shift in approaches to agricultural input, moving away from experiential and guess-work practices to time-critical, efficiency-boosting and precision-driven practices. QWI365 will have you never approaching irrigation the same way again.

Innovation Patent #2017100206

Actively monitor and take control the variables of irrigation.

Remote Monitoring

Measure parameters that effect your production yield ranging from: soil moisture, temperature, electrical conductivity and pH.

Prevent Soil Destruction

Providing too little or too much of either water or nutrients without any prior indication can cause extensive root burn and soil damage.

Optimize Workflows

No more guessing, ‘hand-probing’ or waiting for physical signs of stress in order to know when and how much to irrigate and respond to plant needs.

Increase Yield

The coalescing of all the capabilities and benefits above during critical plant growth phases enables sustainable and efficient crop production to increase yields by up to 10% in most cases and up to 20% in others.

Reduce Water Usage

With remote monitoring, the precise amount and timing of irrigation is based on facts rather than guess-work, saving you up to 15% on water consumption.

Increase Profits

By leveraging autonomous and near real-time insights into the many variables that affect crop production, you are then able to respond with precision to optimize bottom-line production costs and sustain a profitable operating farm.

A first of its kind; the system dynamically informs you of the precise irrigation required.

Informative dashboards that let you know exactly what's going on at every site.

Built with functional versatility and quick scalability.

User-friendly, seamless user experience.

Take a preview of our live QWI365 installation.

Surely by now, you’re very curious and excited to see how it all actually works? We have a live system running for you to preview through our wonderful mobile applications.

Get a true feel of how easy it is to use, how insightful and helpful it is to manage the variables affecting your crop health and growth.

You can download the QWI365 mobile application from the following supported app stores and use the following login:

Username: testuser
Password: testuser

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