QWIC365: Affordable automation of farms


New agricultural insights drive change in irrigation control.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible for solutions like QWI365 to provide farmers access to new landscapes in data insights. It dynamically guides their agricultural decisions according to near real-time monitoring of their crops and most importantly, a dynamic weather.

Whilst such insights dynamically guide agricultural decisions, current irrigation control systems cannot respond with the same resolution. It is either too impractical or too cumbersome to readily adjust scheduling and/or control to such a dynamic requirement.

This is exactly the motivation of why we bring you QWIC365, where irrigation control should be dynamic and adaptive to changing conditions.

Affordable, precise control for everyone.

Agricultural production costs are continually increasing without any signs of retreat. As such, the prospect of purchasing agribusiness equipment essential to efficiency and improved workflows is in far reach for most farmers. Farmers are provided with limited options, where some solutions demand high price premiums, especially when you add more and more features. Other offerings maybe affordable, but lack many simple control mechanisms expected of the farmer.

QWIC365 (Quantitative Water Irrigation Control) is the most cost-effective and feature rich offering market. It provides farmers both quantitative and your typical time-scheduling approach to irrigation management; all of which is remotely done from the palm of your hands. It is designed to easily integrate with your existing third-party systems, is easily scalable and continually improved.


Remote Access

Quantitative Control

Timely Irrigation

Improved Workflows

Increased Yield

Easily Scalable


Automatic Feeding.

Continuously supply

Up to 20 Valves.

Control up to 20 valves

Auto Back Flush.

Automatically cleans

Auto Start Mode.

Motors and control

Phase Reversal Protector.

The motor pump

Single Phase Preventer.

Motor shuts off in phase fail condition and switches on immediately if phase fails

when motor is running.

Dry Run Preventer.

The motor pump automatically switches off when it runs out of water, preventing dry runs.


User Friendly

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to create, manage, schedule and manually control valves, valve groups and fertilizer valves across your farm. No more old-fashion, hard-wired interfaces, just a purely graphical interface for easy interaction.

Supported Platforms:


Capture Valve

As you create individual valve profiles, you capture three important attributes:

  • The size of the area in which the valve covers; in linear metre lengths or square metres of the patch.
  • The linear distance from the pump to the valve.
  • The main line valve dependencies.

These attributes ensure the QWIC365 controller providers the right amount of water through the valve, as well as consider enough time to pressurize before doing so.

Irrigate with Timing or Amount

Most irrigation control units run irrigation schedules off fixed, time-based approaches with minimal flexibility for change.

QWIC365 allows you schedule irrigation based on time and the amount of water, where it can be directly integrated with QWI365, such that changing irrigation requirements can be immediately reflected in the irrigation schedule.

Control any Valve or Valve

Easily create and manage irrigation and fertigation valves individually or in groups, making automation scheduling and manual control a quick and easy job.

You can also directly start irrigation for an entire valve group or a single valve; just input either a particular time-to-run or an amount-to-run.

Leave the rest to the QWIC365 controller, it will know exactly which valves to open for water to correctly flow to the relevant valve(s).

Fertiliser Control

You can easily incorporate fertigation into your routine irrigation schedule by remotely controlling both the inlet and outlet valves for your nutrient holding tanks and/or dosing systems.

Simple Scheduling

Create easy to follow schedules for your valves and valve groups with great flexibility.

You can have multiple schedules assigned for different days of the week, adjust schedules to run their valve groups in parallel or sequentially and even include fertigation into your schedule.

The control is all in your hands.

QWIC365 Node

Minimal wiring, quick scalability.

QWIC365 Node is ahead of its competitors, eliminating many complexities in order to provide a new generation of easily scalable irrigation systems.

It is a weather protected, energy-independent, rechargeable battery-buffered gateway that is completely wireless to the QWIC365 control unit using ZigBee radio network. The use of wireless ZigBee will significantly reduce your wiring requirements, saving you time and money, giving you the absolute freedom to grow your farm.

6-22 valves per gateway.

Solar and battery power.

Self-healing network.

Wireless to control unit.

Much shorter wiring runs.

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