QWIC365: Quality of Water, Information and Compliance: ML based SAAS for Water Quality Online

SAAS for most comprehensive water quality parameters online

Tier1 information on QWIC365: App driven analytics for online physical/chemical, health and metals

This technology is driven by AI/ML cloud engines assisted by physical/chemical sensory input as necessary to estimate online water quality parameters encompassing health/aesthetic and hard metal traces.These models can be applied to fresh water rivers, ground water and municipal distributed drinking water for event detection, forecasting and comprehensive online water quality monitoring.

These AI/ML tools work as virtual sensors for estimation of online water quality parameters, at any given site, constantly referring to the WHO standards. You may use physical sensors in place at any site (output from your own existing SCADA/IoT for example) to direct them to this AI cloud to get all the values of health/aesthetic and metals traces online.

Therefore, for a given set of physical/chemical parameters as inputs from either historical data or live sensor these AI/Ml models can be used:

  1. If historical data is input then the AI/ML engines forecast “what is the likely water quality at the site” based on limited physical/chemical data routinely measured.  This is the software part of the solution that estimates health/aesthetic and metal traces.
  2. If live sensor data is used as inputs (whether the sensors are our E365 sensors or not) of physical/chemical/weather parameters, then  REALTIME online estimation of health/aesthetic and metal is carried out.

Tier2 information on QWIC365: Web-interface and online monitoring and compliance

Our patented technology address three important decision support systems for municipal distributed water, drinking water, underground and bore water and aquifers. As a company, with a focus on incessant innovation and emphasis on research and development, we believe our SAAS will help utilities companies, municipalities and water treatment plants with state  of the art knowledge on water quality modelling and online awareness. Currently, Expert365 water quality solutions is covering 20 villages and 11.5 millions liters of water, both disinfected and monitored per day, as of end of December 2020.

QWIC365 (Quality of Water, Information and Compliance) is the most cost-effective and feature rich offering in the market. It provides utility companies both quantitative and qualitative approach to awareness of water quality at any given site and State. All monitoring is carried out by cloud based advanced AI/ML tools therefore can be remotely accessed from the palm of your hands. It is designed to easily integrate with your existing third-party sensor systems, existing SCADA systems and IoT infrastructure in place for many water utilities companies. As a consequence it is easily scalable and continually improved.

Summary of what is provided:

  • 6 physical and chemical parameters:   Alkalinity, EC, Hardness, TDS, Temperature, Ph
  • 13 health and aestetic parameters:  BOD5, CO2, COD, Color, DO, E-Coli, Fecal  Coliforms, H2S, ORP, TSS, Total Coliforms, Turbidity.
  • 15 Metals: Al, Ar, Cd, Cr, Co, Cu, Fl, Fe, Pb, Mg, Mn, Hg, Ni, Si, Zn


Remote Access

Bird's eye view of water quality

Proactive attention

ML Virtual sensors matching Lab data

Improved Awareness


User Friendly

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to create, manage, schedule frequency of water quality monitoring at the site. Whether one site or multiple sites, all can be configures from one point for easy interaction.

Supported Platforms:


Comprehensive overview

As you create individual site profiles, you capture all important attributes:

  • Physical/Chemical parameters
  • Health and Aesthetic parameters
  • Ionic features
  • Metals in water.

These attributes ensure the QWIC365 users a comprehensive overview of Quality of Water, Information and Compliance. The compliance aspect of this SAAS records the numb of violations to the WHO standards over a period.

Realtime analytics means being proactive than reactive

While water utility companies adhere to regulatory requirement of routine laboratory testing, these AI/ML driven tools provide online water quality parameters that are comparable.

QWIC365 allows any SCADA/IoT based sensory inputs which allows online AI/ML modelling as virtual sensors.

Connect and get into on any of your water quality parameters from your phone

Easily create and manage water quality sites individually or in groups, making automation scheduling for data transfer and acquisition very easy.

You can also directly communicate to any site with revised data, change of frequency or simply updating one parameter.

Leave the rest to the QWIC365, it will know exactly which site needs attention and whom it shroud contact in an unlikely event of non-compliance.

Simple Scheduling

Create easy to follow schedules for your sites with great flexibility.

You can have multiple schedules assigned for different days of the week, adjust schedules to provide water quality in parallel or sequentially and even include comparison of various sites into your schedule.

The water control room is in your hands.



QWIC365 is leader in ML/AI driven water quality and monitoring., These AI/ML models are built on sound mathematical basis to provide new generation of software driven water quality and monitoring

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For more details of this technology, including pricing, contact Expert365 team.

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