Celebrating it’s 25th year of awards, Telstra selects Expert 365 as 2017 Finalist for QLD New Business.


Every year and now on its 25th year, Australia’s largest telecommunication services provider Telstra celebrates, recognises and rewards Australia’s best small, medium and charitable businesses nationally. It takes something special to start and run a successful small or medium business or charity. It takes creativity to innovate and find new and better ways to do things. And it takes persistence and resilience to overcome obstacles. Above all it takes outstanding talent, commitment and the courage to take a risk, to realise a dream or fulfil an ambition – to be ‘that’ business.

For Expert 365, every drop of water counts, especially for farmers. They need to ensure they are giving the precise amount of water needed depending on crops variety, soil types and age of the plants for optimum yield.

Professor Vishy Karri believes the Internet of Things (IoT), the inter-connection of objects through the internet, is the answer. In 2015, he founded Expert 365 to provide plant-centred irrigation solutions using IoT technology. Where existing irrigation practices are based mostly on experience and guesswork, Expert 365 provides farmers with facts about the current conditions of their farming production using real-time measurements. The app-driven technology then gives farmers daily irrigation quantities, moisture contents and precise amounts of time to run their irrigation motors for a healthy yield. An add-on control system then ensures the precise delivery.

Expert 365 solutions are now being installed by farmers in Queensland, Northern NSW, Western Australia, India and the United States. The agricultural sector is not traditionally a technology-intensive field, but the Internet of Things is set to bring about a massive revolution in the industry. We’re pioneering this technology race to enable the Australian horticulture market to adapt to this paradigm shift.

Source: https://www.telstrabusinessawards.com/brilliant-businesses/2017-finalists/

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