QWI365, is now an Australian Innovation Patent.


We now have a system that is officially recognised as an innovation.

With special thanks to intellectual property experts, Davies Collision Cave, QWI365 is now officially recognised by the Australian Government and IP Australia as an Innovation Patent, and those special numbers are #2017100206. Whilst the front-end, user-facing design and overall systems architecture is a delivery of COO, John Pham, the irrigation ‘Recipes’, one of the core functions of QWI365, is a brainchild of Professor Vishy Karri, Expert 365’s CEO and Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Through industry collaboration and continual consultation with industry experts, then validated with modelling and field tests, Recipes consider crop varieties and age, soil/substrate properties and weather, especially evapotranspiration, to provide growers with the precise amount of water required for their crops each day, with each day different attributed to changing weather and requirements of the crop as it matures.

The Recipe’s daily and dynamic nature has been paramount to the success of QWI365 in creating value for growers in multiple crop verticals. Whilst the wireless remote monitoring of moisture and other root zone variables is no doubt a beneficial feature of the system to know precisely when to irrigate or adapt inputs, the Recipe itself has become an invaluable tool for growers to reference on quantifying how much (or even how much longer or less) they need to adjust their irrigation schedules.

The Innovation Patent is greatly appreciated and valued by Expert 365, as it recognises and acknowledges the efforts and resources Expert 365 has spent in developing a truly innovative and industry changing tool for the agricultural industry of Australia, and hopefully soon, for the agricultural industry of the world.

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